About Yatta Johnson

I started TMM Steno in 2014 on Maui, and have been a stenographer for several years prior to starting my own company here on Maui.  I am from West Africa and grew up in California.  I received my stenography schooling from Bryan College in California.

I love bringing my stenography machine to the meetings I attend, as most people see the court reporter/stenographer but don’t understand that we are typing in shorthand, officially another language!

It has its challenges, as so many people want to believe that they didn’t say what they said, or said what they didn’t say.  I catch everything! Unless of course, you strike it from the record!

I enjoy playing my viola at Sugar Beach and spending time with my hānai family barbequing and watching our beautiful sunsets.

TMM Steno on Maui

I have lived on Maui for over 10 years and though I have gone back to the mainland several times, this island is now my home.  I have worked with multi-million dollar properties as well as first year small businesses.

My goal is to get that huge pile of paperwork off of your desk so that you can start to move forward!  I have worked for premier properties here on Maui and those opportunities have given me the chance to learn more about the island and go on the best tours ever!